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A catch basin holds a small reservoir of water and carries it away from the downspout site through piping. If placed beneath the downspout, it prevents water from ever reaching the soil. The reservoir at the bottom of the drain allows any extraneous debris to settle to the bottom where it can be removed later.

Maintaining Your System

At some point, you may have to deal with a clogged drainage system at your home. The best way to avoid issues is to give your system a thorough cleaning a couple times a year. Here are some tips on getting your system in shape. Catch Basin Drainage Catch Basins come in several sizes and […]

Rust on your Cast Iron

You received your raw cast iron grate with its silver hue and flawless appearance only to walk outside two weeks later to find a grate with orange spots of rust starting to form.  The first thought you have is to return the grates because they must be defective and you didn’t sign up for this […]

New DrainageKits.com Store Open For Business

The much-needed overhaul is now complete and our new DrainageKits.com store is open! We invite you to look around to see the changes. We have added several new categories: Catch Basin Parts Mini Channel Parts Spee-D Channel Parts You will also notice many new products – to name a few: Jonite® Catch Basin Grates Atrium […]