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Drain Grate Categories

Stainless Steel Grates

Grates made of stainless steel are durable, impact resistant, can stand up to extreme conditions involving high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Stainless steel grates are easy to clean and maintain and do not rust. That said, the two main grades of stainless steel are 304 and 316. 304 is the most common choice but 316 is available for areas around pools and salt water exposure. Many stainless steel grates are offered in light traffic or reinforced for heavier traffic. They are also one hundred percent recyclable making them a sustainable material.

stainless steel grating

Cast Iron Grates

Cast iron trench grates are one of the most common materials used for channel lids. They may rust, but cast iron covers retain their strength and provide options that fit just about any drainage specification. There are variations for high flow capacity, ADA compliance, heel proof and all load ratings. If appearance is important for your project, there are many decorative grate options available that we can also apply our BoOF (Baked on Oil Finish) process to. BoOF provides an aged finished patina with an advantage of lessening the orange bleed on nearby surfaces.

Cast Iron grating
Decorative grates
Polycast 700 DG0641D cast iron

Ductile Iron Grates

Ductile iron grates are very similar to cast iron grate options with only a few differences. Selecting between the two depends upon the application and drainage system needed. The main difference is that ductile iron grates contain graphite that increases their flexibility. They can withstand extreme colds and not break compared to cast iron grates. Both materials will rust over time but the process is slower with ductile iron. Our BoOF (Baked on Oil Finish) process can also be applied to any ductile iron grates offered by Trench Drain Systems.

Ductile Iron Grating

Bronze Grates

Bronze decorative grates take any project to the next level aesthetically. Trench Drain Systems offers three unique patterns in a natural or brushed satin finish. Bronze grates do not rust and provide a sophisticated look to the NDS® mini channel or ask about Trench Drain System’s new MAX mini with channel edging that compliments the grates. These grates are all heel friendly and ADA compliant.

Bronze Grating

Fiberglass Grates

Fiberglass grates provide a variety of benefits. Fiberglass is 70% lighter than steel yet has an excellent ratio when it comes to strength and weight. This material is resistant to corrosion and requires less maintenance. Some of the options for fiberglass grates include: colors, slip resistance, various thicknesses, styles, flow rates and much more.

Fiberglass Grating

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