Try Our New Landscaping Pipe Grates!

NDS 970 9inch black square grate is excited to offer a growing selection of NDS landscaping pipe grates for lawns and gardens … just in time for Spring!

Eliminate standing water with 8” or 9” square grates that connect directly to PVC piping. Or, keep your pipe grates protected from rogue lawnmowers by installing an NDS atrium grate on top of your piping.

NDS 420 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter
NDS 420 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter

Pipe grates help turn harmful lawn runoff into a water source. Use standing water to hydrate the yard where it needs it most by connecting to a Pop-Up Emitter. Pop-Up Emitters open with hydrostatic pressure and close once the flow lessens, preventing grass clippings and leafy debris from entering the drainage pipes. It’s a low-key drainage solution your lawn will thank you for.