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Nothing quite compares to the beauty and luxury of Infinity’s Wedge Wire Site Sizable® drainage kits. Infinity’s V-shaped wires run parallel to each other and are welded together with absolute precision making this grate a stylish option for any bathroom. Wedge Wire grating blends contemporary styling with durability. Every kit is made with marine grade 316 stainless steel and comes in several different finishes. Grate openings widen inwardly to serve as a primary strainer for debris while still allowing water to flow freely making this system not only beautiful but functional.

Wedge Wire stainless poolside / shower drain kit

Infinity offers Site Sizable® Kits
This Site Sizable® kit allows for an exact wall-to-wall installation that creates the seamless look that contractors are looking for. Channel and grate lengths can be cut on-site creating flexibility with your specialized project. Outlets can be located anywhere along the channel, making installation faster and saving contractors’ time and money. If you’re in design, plumbing, general contracting or just remodeling; this system is a perfect choice for your special project.
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Wedge Wire stainless poolside / shower drain kit

Click to watch an installation demonstration: https://youtu.be/ufnfpscqJww?t=10

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